Our Mission

To raise money for nonprofits by promoting good businesses to good people.

Our Vision

One day, 2 cents of every dollar a consumer spends will automatically go to a charity they trust.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

$1,000,000,000 raised for the charities selected by our members.

The problems we're solving

Upended by the coronavirus outbreak, nonprofits are working overtime to mobilize and help those in need, while seeking support from stretched donors.

Charities are struggling to raise funds

Individual donations continue to nose-dive from 83% in 1983 to 69% in 2018. Learn More

Donors struggle to give

As people face unprecedented economic hardships, many wrestle with the dilemma whether to donate to their favorite charity and/or contribute to recovery efforts. Learn More

Businesses struggle to earn customers’ loyalty and trust.

75% of marketers question their ability to reach in-market consumer. Learn more

Our Values

To accomplish our mission, we live these values:

Radically Transparent

To gain the community’s trust we need to be radically transparent. Every dollar that comes in and goes out is trackable.

Magically Simple

To get a billion people using the Gvbck our technology must be magically simple. It must be easier to give than to spend.

Universally Diverse

We recognize that each community member is universally diverse. We respect that everyone has different reasons for using Gvbck.

Our people

Gvbck was built by a team of volunteers on three continents during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are currently setting up a 501(c)(3) organization to help charities do more with less.

Brian Oliveira
Brian Oliveira

React Native

Brian is giving back to the Brazil Foundation.

Doug Sabanosh
Doug Sabanosh


Anthony Hobday
Anthony Hobday

User Experince

Anthony is giving back to charity: water

Read Anthony’s Blog & Book

Jerald Callaway
Jerald Callaway

Member Support

Jerald is giving back to Protect Innocence Project Ltd.

Till Haunschild
Till Haunschild

Adobe Air

Till is giving back to the American Brain Tumor Association

Nicholas Levis
Nicholas Levis


Nicholas is giving back to Save A Young Life Foundation

Justin Wu
Justin Wu

Front End

Justin is giving back to Women of Word Evangelistic Ministries

See Justin’s Code on Github

Anthony Barba
Anthony Barba

Product Manger

Anthony is giving back to the American Brain Tumor Association